Alden Marshall

My name is Alden Marshall and I'm a 2020 graduate of the University of Texas at Austin where I double majored in Management Information Systems and Government.

While there, I led Longhorn Run, the largest student event on campus outside of a Texas Football game. I was elected by the College of Liberal Arts to represent them in Student Government, winning a record number of votes.

I've worked in the Texas House of Representatives as a Legislative Aide and Policy Analyst - helping to pass a groundbreaking cyberbullying reform bill -- David's Law.

I also interned at Bumble, where I managed my team's accounting pipeline from start to finish and wrote push notifications. I expanded my responsibilities by writing competitive analysis memos and building a dashboard that was used by the Brand Director and the US PR team to track how our events drove app installations.

I've managed a consulting project for the Austin Cancer Coalition and in my free time I enjoy reading, writing strategy memos and binging all the shows I should've watched when they first were released.

Texas was facing a cyberbullying epidemic. Behavior that was unacceptable offline followed kids home everyday through their phones.

So in 2017, Representative Ina Minjarez tasked her Chief of Staff and me with getting David's Law passed.

I served as the point of contact for our office, coordinating with over 15 elected officials and numerous advocacy groups -- including Google and the ACLU.

After 4 months of negotiations and strategy, David's Law was signed into law by the Governor after passing both chambers with overwhelming majorities.

Longhorn Run is an annual 5K/10K race on the University of Texas at Austin campus.

As the Student Director of Longhorn Run, I was directly responsible for 16 student committee members and 300 volunteers.

I set strategy and managed the operations of the committee's entire portfolio, including: digital communications, business sponsorships, event production and volunteer recruitment.

Over my two years in Longhorn Run, I'm proud of these accomplishments:

° Leading a complete branding redesign across our digital and physical properties

° Rethinking our partnership with Nike to create more immersive experiences

° Creating a new committee position to increase our race registrations by partnering with apartment complexes and Fortune 500 HR departments

° Adding Early Bird Registration which resulted in a 100% increase in registrations

° Pivoting our communications strategy during COVID-19, which significantly reduced our churn rate even though participants were offered a full refund

In the fall of 2019, the Austin Cancer Coalition needed help.

They needed a system to allow coalition members to sign up and enter their services into a database. Then, that database needed to be viewable to the public.

Myself and a team of 3 other MIS students met twice a week with the coalition. Using an Agile PDM, we fully modeled their as-is system, interviewed stakeholders and helped them envision a new solution. Then we fully scoped their project and developed a working solution using a NoSQL database and Wix.

You can view our work here.

Books I've read in 2020

Dream Big - Bob Goff
Deep - James Nestor
Breath - James Nestor
No Filter - Sarah Frier
So We Read On - Maureen Corrigan
Never Split the Difference - Chris Voss
Range - David Epstein
The Shallows - Nicholas Carr
Rising Strong - Brene Brown
Do You Mind If I Cancel? - Gary Janetti